Samui In View: Some Good Reasons to Visit Koh Samui in 2020

Thailand’s “coconut island” has come a long way since it’s hippy hey-day in the 1970s. Today, jet-set travellers rub shoulders with the tabloids’ favourite celebrities, while major golf events and regattas have become annual pilgrimages.

So, now you’re thinking about a lazy leisurely holiday on this tantalizingly tropical island? Only question is … when to go?

Samui Open Beach Volleyball
Bounce along to North Chaweng Beach on 21- 23 February to catch some 40 to 50 teams from around the world competing in this annual beach volleyball tournament. And when the spikes, digs and blocks are all over and the sun begins to set, expect some carnavalesque party fun at the brand new Seen Beach Club.
Strawberries or Spa in Samui?

February is strawberry season in Thailand, and so Banyan Tree has tastefully tied in a fruity theme for its Valentine’s Day Afternoon Tea, featuring strawberry mille-feuilles, macarons, tarts, cheesecake, scones and cream, and even chocolate-covered strawberries, all washed down with sweet lashings of strawberry champagne cocktail. An afternoon tea set for two comes in at 1,699 baht nett (USD56). Or alternatively, why not look to lay back with your loved one at this idyllic resort, soaking up a Romantic Escape massage and spa package for couples? In addition to a one-hour massage of your choice, you can wallow in a 30-minute romantic bathtub for two, and luxuriate over a 30-minute body scrub (promotional price 13,500 baht nett till 29 Feb.)

Samui Regatta
Few international events have put Koh Samui on the map like the annual regatta which attracts more than 500 sailors, mostly from around Asia, at this time each year. Hosted in 2020 for the first time by Synergy Samui’s La Vida Resort, the event is the biggest and most competitive sailing race of its kind in Asia. Perch yourself anywhere along the eastern coast of the island from 23- 30 May – preferably with a set of binoculars – and set your sights on some competitive and intricate yacht racing.

Samui Festival
A kaleidoscope of parades, culture, music, food and fun for all the family is in store at this 5-6 day event, the dates of which are yet to be officially announced. However, we do know that the Samui Festival Marathon will take place at 5am on Aug. 30, so expect the fun n’ games to begin soon after. Singing competitions, a beauty contest, artwork, handicrafts, Thai boxing bouts and Buddhist ceremonies are all part and parcel of this colourful extravaganza. Perhaps the highlight of the week is the array of street-food stalls where you can sample and savour some of southern Thailand’s most exotic delicacies, such as maret’ leaf rice cooked in a bamboo tube, oysters, fruits, and super-sweet desserts.

Loy Krathong – The Festival of Lights
Thailand’s most exquisite festival is a time when Buddhists float banana boats on the river to take away bad luck and worries, while praying for a better year ahead. And nowhere could be more majestic to join the ceremony than at Chaweng Lake on Koh Samui on the night of 1 November when you make your own Krathong, or banana boat, with the help of locals. And of course, there will be music, street stalls, and much merriment all round.

Koh Samui enjoys a year-round climate heaven-made for beach-lovers, High season is Cool Season – that’s from Christmas through to March, and by “cool” we mean a gentle breeze, and a gorgeous 29-30 °C (84- 86°F) sunshine to bask in. April and May are the hottest months, but then again, you have the Songkran Water Festival on April 13-14 to cool you down. June through to September is thoroughly pleasant with light showers every other day, and October- November is the low season with its monsoon rains.






2月21日至23日,我们前往查文北部海滩,与来自世界各地约40到50支球队将进行一年一度的沙滩排球锦标赛的角逐 。当沙滩到处都是挖掘和堆建的时候 ,太阳开始落山,期待在全新的Seen海滩俱乐部会有一些嘉年华派对乐趣。


二月是泰国的草莓季节,因此,悦榕庄在情人节下午茶中以水果为主题,以小草莓、马卡龙、馅饼、奶酪为特色蛋糕,烤饼和奶油,巧克力覆盖的草莓,再加上草莓香槟鸡尾酒的甜蜜冲击。两人一套下午茶,价格为1,699泰铢(56美元)。 或者,为什么不考虑在这个田园风光的度假胜地和你的爱人躺在一起,享受情侣专属的“浪漫私奔”按摩和水疗套餐呢?除了一个小时的按摩外,您还可以在一个浪漫浴缸里泡30分钟的鸳鸯浴,并再享受30分钟的身体磨砂。(促销价格为13,500泰铢,活动截止到2月29日)



很少有国际赛事能像一年一度的帆船比赛那样,在每年这个时候吸引500多名水手参加,其中大部分来自亚洲各地。2020年首次由苏梅岛Synergy拉维达度假村主办 ,这是亚洲最大和最具竞争力的帆船比赛。从5月23日至30日在岛的东海岸的任何地方停留——最好是用一副双筒望远镜——然后把你的目光瞄准一些有竞争激烈的帆船比赛。







苏梅岛享有一年四季的气候天堂,适合喜欢海滩的人,旅游旺季是凉爽的季节-从圣诞节到三月,我们所说的“凉爽”指的是温和的微风,以及在适宜的29-30°C (84-86°F)阳光下晒太阳。虽然四月和五月是最热的月份,但是,4月13-14日的宋干节(泼水节)可以给你降温。六月到九月是完全令人愉快的,因为每隔一天都会有小雨,十月到十一月是季风雨的淡季。