Personal Profile: Lewis Jones From Paradise Pool Interiors

It does seem that Paradise Pool Interiors are making quite an impact on our beautiful island and have certainly raised the bar in pool finishings’ with their PebbleTec® product. Samui Phangan Real Estate Magazine wanted to find out a little more and met up with Lewis Jones from Paradise Pool Interiors.

We know you are always super busy Lewis so thank
you for taking the time to talk to us. Let’s start at the
beginning, when did you first start visiting Thailand and
why have you picked Koh Samui as your base?

Hi, and thank you for having me. I first started visiting Koh Samui around 2005, when my friends and I used to head out once a year for a holiday. Being very fond of the island and my favourite location in Thailand I decided to invest in property here four years ago when I had my villa built in Lipanoi firstly for the rental market but eventually, hopefully my future home. Having Samui as my base seemed sensible as I already had some contacts within the construction industry here and because the amount of development taking place on the island.

What advantages would you say Samui has over other
Islands in Thailand?

I originally looked at starting in Phuket, but after further research, I felt it seemed a little tired compared to Samui. Koh Samui had very few pool construction and finishing specialists here too and when I made the decision to start a business here, it was evident to me that not only did Samui have a thriving, new development market but also a large refurbishment market, so my thinking was the same as my approach in the UK, if the market does drop or slowdown, which can happen from time to time, the work is still potentially there within the renovation market, hopefully keeping us busy all year round.

When did you start with Paradise Pool Interiors?
I started the company around 3 years ago, this was not long after I bought the licence to install and re-sell the PebbleTec® product exclusively here in Thailand. I was still living in the UK working full time as a builder there and travelling around Europe working on pools for the parent company Euro PebbleTec® at this point. Then decided to move over full time early 2015 with my wife to really push things forward.

Now from the magazine we obviously have heard
about the PebbleTec® product that you are now using
in pool finishing’s, could you explain to our readers
what this is and why it seems to be taking off so well?

Paradise Pool Interiors specialise in the finishing of the pool interior with our product, PebbleTec® which we have the license for here in Thailand. But we also cover all aspects of the pool construction, system and pump room hydraulics from the ground up, and at design stage anything is possible and can achieve whatever the client desires, we offer the latest in construction methods and pool chlorination systems to provide for and work closely with the customer with all the options they would need to make an informed choice. The only two things we restrict ourselves from doing is tiled and liner pools as they can be problematic, so we leave this to the other guys! We see PebbleTec® and its range of products as not only a stunning and superior alternative for our clients, but as a solution to the constant battle with re-grouting and replacing of tiles that pools here in Thailand suffer from, let alone how much the longer the pool will last.

If I was a client with an older pool what advantages
would I have using PebbleTec®?

There is a huge refurbishment and renovation market here on Samui as I am sure your aware many and of the pools here are suffering in some way or another. This can be for several reasons but mainly due to the issues with water chemistry causing damage to the finish as unlike other climates, I think we can agree that Thailand in general has a more intense weather climate than that of say Europe or the USA. Swimming pools are usually the jewel in the crown for a lot of people’s property and something that usually looks tired and in need of attention a lot quicker than the house or villa itself. Due to the nature of the PebbleTec® products application and speedy installation, Paradise Pool Interiors can complete private residential refurbishments on swimming pools in under a week, with no real issue with size of the pool, this always includes the breaking out or stripping of old existing finish, preparation and repair to the pool shell and of course the application and finishing process. PebbleTec® and its products ARE by far the most durable, reliable and longest lasting pool finishes on the market and will put up with any chemicals the pool will throw at it, whilst not compromising at all on its aesthetic appeal.

Does it come with a guarantee?
Yes, all work completed by ourselves is guaranteed for 5 years as we are required to do this under our license agreement with the parent company Euro PebbleTec®, the product also carries a genuine 5-year international warranty, supplied by the manufacturer in Australia. So, clients can feel extremely secure and comfortable with us when choosing to use pebble as their finish for the pool.

Do you have a showcase pool that has been finished
with PebbleTec®?

Yes, we have a total of 13 pools completed here on Koh Samui and one that we did on Koh Tao too, the more popular ones we have completed to date is the pool at the very well-known Jungle Club resort in the mountain near Chaweng Noi and our more recent projects on the new Horizon Residence Condominium complex in Cheong Mon. We are always happy to take any potential customers to any of our completed pools by appointment and explain to them the processes and provide them with samples and brochures.

Can any pool company offer PebbleTec®?
We are the sole licensed applicator exclusive to the whole of Thailand for the PebbleTec® company. Anybody else offering the same would be incorrect, imitating or using low quality stones and pebbles, nothing to do with our brand. The thing that makes us unique is the aggregate used which is tiny quartz pebbles which are only distributed to the network of official licensed applicators around the world, this along with the way that we apply it onto the pool make it impossible for another company to imitate or offer the same.

You always seem to have the most innovative products
at Paradise Pool Interiors, do you have something new
for our readers?

We do indeed, we are currently working on samples incorporating the use of different coloured glass beads into our pebble compound to add a ‘bling’ element and an extra dimension to what we can offer as part of our service, we think that this should be available to order by the second quarter of this year as we will have the supply in by then, this will be marketed as Beadcrete and will carry all the same guarantees and warranties as our other products.

Where can our readers contact you?
I am just about to leave to start work on a big project in Europe for another company, but our manager Joe Burley who is on Koh Samui full time is always available to meet people who want to know more about us and the product, and will happily provide free quotations, brochures, samples or any general info about the PebbleTec® product, his & my details and contacts are below.

Lewis Jones: +66(0) 62 223 1546
Joe Burly: +66(0) 85 863 9729