Feature: Pebbletec Pool Technology by Paradise Pools

Paradise Pool Interiors have recently completed their first 12 months of business here in Thailand and have enjoyed a very successful first year completing over 10 pools both in residential and commercial installations. Paradise Pool Interiors specialise in the beautiful, natural stone, swimming pool PebbleTec® finishes. What makes them unique is that they are the only official licensed installer and re-seller of PebbleTec® here in Thailand.

PebbleTec® and its range of products are a natural,
polished quartz pebble aggregate which is imported
from Australia exclusively to a network of licensed
applicators around the world and although new to
Thailand, PebbleTec® is not a new product, having been
well established for 40 years and being very popular
in the USA, Australia & Europe. It is fast becoming the
first choice for many developers and builders for both
residential and commercial installations globally.
PebbleTec® pool finishes offer a stunning and superior
alternative to tiles and liner pools and has many
advantages. It creates a non-slip, textured surface
that is extremely strong and durable, holding a 5-year
warranty on both the product and any work completed
by the applicator. The water tone it creates is unique and
comes in a range of different coloured pebbles to achieve
whatever the client desires. With steady and regular
maintenance, the pool finish will retain its natural beauty
infinitely with never the need to re-grout etc. PebbleTec®
finishes are also very quick in application always finishing
by deadlines and within budget.

The PebbleTec® pool finish does not suffer the same problems as those of a tiled pool, where in Thailand
with the tropical climate, you do have to add a lot more chemicals into your pool to keep the water chemistry
balanced and this results in perishing of the tiles, de-lamination and the constant need to re-grout. PebbleTec®
is the strongest and most durable pool finish on the market, holds up against the products added into the pool
daily, while probably being the most aesthetically pleasing as well, having many different coloured Pebbles,
Paradise Pool Interiors can achieve almost any coloured pool the client wishes.
After completing a number of pools around Koh Samui including pool refurbishments at Kandana and The
Jungle Club, company director Lewis Jones was keen to get working with one of the many reputable real estate
developers here on the island. One of the companies he was very keen to work with was Horizon Homes as he
had learned of the project they were doing at Horizon Residence in Cheong Mon.
After several meetings at Horizon Residence, Paradise Pool Interiors were contracted to complete the large
pool on the project in April 2016.

Quote from company director Lewis Jones “I was very pleased to have been given the contract at Horizon
Residence and I feel that the Pebble finish has worked perfect with its surroundings on this project, like always,
I am sure that the client is extremely pleased with the end result and know they have made the right choice”
They began preparing the pool for PebbleTec® application on the 2nd April, the installation process took a total
of 4 days including acid wash and even on a large pool like this, the PebbleTec® was finished very quickly,
having the pool filled up and ready to use by the 6th of April.

Within a few days the water had cleared which presented the clients with a beautiful, paradise blue pool.
Alex Armitage, MD at Horizon Homes said “Paradise Pool Interiors completed our pool in a professional
manner and were off site by the given deadline. I feel we have made the right decision as for some time now we
have been looking for suitable alternative to tiles, we feel that this has been provided in the PebbleTec® finish,
which we are more than happy with and would recommend to anyone who like us wanted something different.”

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Whether it’s bringing an old pool back to life or finishing a new pool, Paradise Pool Interiors would be more
than happy to provide you with any general information, a free quote or just take you to one of their completed
pools here on Koh Samui to show you how this finish could make your swimming pool the stand out feature of your property. They have a display with samples and brochures in Pool & Shade on the ring road, before Big C if you wanted to drop by and get a better idea.