Feature: Ban Tai Estate Villas

Ban Tai Estate Villas is a fully managed and gated complex consisting of 10 pool villas. Since its introduction 18 months ago the estate has become a favorite destination for many holiday makers from around the world. Returning customers and reviews of excellence continue to increase customer base, attract clients from further afield and prove Ban Tai Estate’s sustained success and acumen.

Investing in one of these modern pool villas affords its owners a stable growing rental income and return on investments as they reflect appreciating villa values as Ban Tai Estate continues to grow and upgrade its facilities affording more comfort to its guests. As well as a sound business proposition Ban Tai Estate’s investors and villa owners enjoy a perfect beachside holiday villa with the service of a 5-star hotel unaccompanied by the hassles of owning a private home.

Only a few months ago Ban Tai Estate unveiled its latest addition “Villa Bacardi” which sold instantly and is already open for rentals. This latest Luxury villa includes 5 spacious master bedrooms (50 m2), a large chlorine free pool, a professional rooftop cinema and a beautiful sea view terrace making it the perfect luxury holiday home.

Ban Tai Estate’s commitment to success remains unabated and the next stage of development includes the opening of a beautiful restaurant and children’s playground by December 2017. With the playground adjacent to the restaurant, international and local cuisines can be enjoyed with a cocktail as parents ensure their children are safe and enjoying themselves.

What is behind the growing popularity and success of Ban Tai Estate? What allows for a return of more than 10% of rental income per year? The success and attractiveness of Ban Tai Estate Villas has many facets beyond expansion, upgrades and luck. The business plan was created with market research and the analysis of more than 1000 rental enquiries on Koh Samui and consultation with “Houseville Villa Holidays” who have been specializing in property investments and rentals for 10 years.

Firstly, Houseville Villa Holidays researched and combined the optimum search criteria common to all holiday makers looking for holiday homes. Secondly, the Samui property market was explored with properties and locations, satisfying the optimum search criteria, identified. The results were astonishing! Out of all the villas on the Samui rental and sales market only a few corresponded to this search criteria. Using this knowledge and data Ban Tai Estate Villas was built aiming to satisfy every single optimum search criteria.

The search criteria represent normal requests by holiday makers. However, it is important to have a combination of as many as possible if not all.

So, what are the criteria that 90% of holiday makers expect from their holiday Villa? Why can’t most Villas on the market satisfy all these requests?

Convenient location: Walkable distance to an accessible swimmable beach during low and high tide, nice restaurants, shops and convenience stores and a short car journey from locations of interest whilst still situated in a tranquil surround. One of the most frequent requests was the accessibility of a safe beach throughout the day. Most of Samui’s first line villas are situated in districts where there is no beach and/or sharp rocks and coral during low tide. Most Villas in Samui are also remote, it is necessary to drive for up to 30 mins to reach restaurants, points of interest, shopping malls or even a small convenience store. Ban Tai Estate is located only 5 minutes’ walk from a paradise beach considered a hidden gem of Samui where people who know it drive from the opposite part of the island. Ban Tai Estate has lots of nice local restaurants around the corner and is only 5-7 minuets drive from Fishermen’s Village with its variety of restaurants.

Villa Quality: Amongst the rental villas offered on Samui there are many that have been on the market for a long time and busy over many seasons without quality service and repair. Whilst the pictures may look good, in reality the quality and comfort levels vary greatly. Unfortunately, a rather large percentage of finished and “under construction” villas on Samui do not last the test of time and fall below internationally accepted standards of building materials and labor force skill. This can often be confirmed by cracks in walls, undulating surfaces and cheap finishing. Although local contractors attempt to hide issues with a thick layer of plaster, most underlying problems eventually appear reducing selling price and rental demand. With foreign contractors and quality control agents Ban Tai Estate Villas ensures quality and endurance.

Good Layout of Villa: When a Villa is rented by several families, equality is very important. Within a Ban Tai Estate villa, bedrooms are similar in size including, en-suite bathrooms, ample comfortable furniture, TV and deposit box. Usually in Samui’s premium rental properties with 5-6 bedrooms within the middle price segment, villas include a master bedroom, a couple of less spacious bedrooms often sharing a bathroom and a converted room with a “pull out couch”. All the bedrooms in Ban Tai Estate are en-suite master bedrooms specially designed to cater for every member of the family. This also encompasses the safety of children including special pools with a kid’s safe construction, wheel chair friendliness and there are no open staircases and dangerous corners and areas.

Villa Security: Gated estates ensure security and peace of mind. The Ban Tai Estate is secured by a special monitoring equipment and entrance control system with a 24-hour comprehensive CCTV system, a dedicated management team and a full list of services without being obtrusive to the guests. A private villa with the benefit of gated complex security affords holiday makers the best of both scenarios.

Availability of additional facilities at the villa: Large groups staying at the villa need spacious eating and relaxing areas. Ban Tai Estate villas offer large dining area capable of seating all guests within the villa, a poolside terrace with numerous sun loungers and as part of the estate a restaurant, gym, home theatre and outdoor bar facilities.

Ban Tai Estate Villas pride themselves on attention to detail and service. The design of the complex incorporates special safe pools, no dangerous drops or hills in the landscape, convenient access and logical layout. Their services include all the cleaning, maintenance and repairs within the complex and villas which are upheld and performed by enthusiastic and hardworking staff. Ban Tai Estate Villas have the recipe and ingredients for the success of property ownership and income.

Ban Tai Estate offers 10 fully managed pool villas in a secure villa complex. Ranging from 2 to 6 bedrooms, the villas are priced in the most popular segment starting from only 120 USD per day for a 2-bedroom Economy pool villa or from 400 USD for a luxury villa with 5 master bedrooms and pool.

In a few months Ban Tai Estate is introducing its three newly built luxury 3-bedroom villas. All of them of course fully equipped and with a full furniture package.

The good news for those looking for a property to buy is that Ban Tai Estate still has a few villas remaining for sale.

No hassle with buying new stuff for your tropical house. You just walk in and stay in your fully managed beautiful paradise home. There are no restrictions for villa owners. If you don’t want to rent your villa, no problem. You decide whether or when you want your villa to start working for you. If you do, it can instantly start earning money for you as there are already advanced bookings, with a network of international agents’ and lots of repeat customers.

Unlike many projects on Samui, Ban Tai Estate Villas is an established villa estate with people living on the complex, not a construction site. It means that you don’t have to wait till your villa becomes your perfect holiday home, it is already a working fully managed villa complex with great service.

For further details with rental and sales enquiries

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