Feature: Anne Sophie Maestracci

The Art of Photography is a form of non verbal
communication. A photograph whether good or bad
conveys a thought, again positive or negative to another. In
this respect we can liken the Art of Photography to painting,
sculpting or music for example.

A photograph is an open
book and a good photograph will purvey and give all the
communicative agenda to its target, great photography can
steal shows and put you light years ahead of any competition.

Anne Sophie Maestracci – Good Pictures do Sell More
No matter where in this world we live the subject matter for photographers is
for all practical purposes, never ending. We are limited only by our imagination
and creative vision.

Photography that get results!
High-quality photography of a business, property, or products is an absolutely
essential piece of marketing, and Anne Sophie, professional photographer
knows how to showcase your property in the best light. Anne Sophie images will
highlight the uniqueness of a home and the beauty of its natural surroundings.

So why hire a professional photographer?
The answer is simple: VALUE
Whenever we make a purchase, we consider the “value”
we receive. It’s no different when hiring a professional

A professional photographer brings an artistic eye to the
equation. One focused not only on the subject but also
the background, the lighting, the composition, the depth of
field and a host of other elements that not every one can
“see” when crafting an image.

A professional photographer uses the latest digital SLR
equipment and most importantly, knows how to use it.
Today’s professional equipment has multiple and complex
functions that allow a photographer to manipulate focal
length, shutter speed, aperture, and depth of field to
compliment almost any subject. It also allows the capture
of crisp and sharp photographs in low light, with little to no
image degradation.

A professional photographer will utilize high end post
processing software that allows him or her to effectively
correct color, adjust exposure, manipulate hue, saturation,
lens distortion and edit images for a professional look.

Did you know that…

– “80% of home buyers and renters used the internet in their
home search and rated photos as the most useful tool,”.
The internet has dramatically changed today’s real estate
marketplace, with buyers quickly adapting to the benefits
it provides. Home sellers and real estate agents also need
to change how they market their properties in order to
keep up with the increasing visual expectations of today’s
prospective clients.

– Home buyers and renters say photos are the most useful
tool in their search.

– 54% of home buyers got their first glimpses of their new
homes on the web, photos are to home sales today what
curb appeal used to be: the place where first impressions
are made.

Given the effectiveness of photography in marketing
homes, professional photography should be given high
priority in home marketing budgets.

Photography is the central component of home marketing.
It increases effectiveness of web marketing and print
media, reduces market time and increases net sales price,

Sell faster by presenting your properties with stunning
professional photos!

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