Developer In-view Verano Residence

This issue of Samui Phangan Real Estate Magazine is proud to welcome Vincent Brun, long term expat on Samui. Vincent together with his partner Rose are the owners of Samui Property Centre and partners in the very prestigious Verano Residence.

Vincent please tell us when you originally came to Samui and how your partnership in Real Estate started?
I arrived early 2006 on the island as part of an internship when I was studying law at the university in France. I worked in a real estate agency where Rose was already working. After several years, we decided to create our own agency and to offer our services to anyone looking to buy a piece of paradise on Samui.

When did your concept for the Verano Residence start?
We presented the land, a massive 23 Rai sea view plot, to Khun Chuwong and his wife K’Ple about 3 years ago and they fell directly in love with the area and the stunning views. From there, we sat together and started to discuss about what could be done with this magic plot. After hours and hours of discussions and meetings with architects, builders, we designed Verano Residence to be modern pool villas with an oriental flair in touch with nature.

You have now successfully completed phases 1 and 2, are they completely sold out?
We have only 1 villa left in Phase 2, which is close to being completed. We expect the villa to be ready to move in by February 2018 which is just a couple of months away.

Tell us a little about Verano Residence, why do you feel this is development has done so well?

I believe it is a combination of many strong points. We invested a lot on infrastructure, with 8 meter wide roads and gutters all inside the residence; Underground 3 Phase electricity as well as 5 deep wells and over 300 cubic meter of water tanks. We made the choice as well to develop each villa with bigger plots than similar projects in order to ensure privacy and not to feel too crowded.

And the views… When you sit in one of the completed villas and look out, the views are truly amazing.

Phase 3 is now underway, what is the completion schedule?
We expect the first villas to be completed in November 2018 as we have now all 13 villas on Phase 3 under construction.

How has Phase 3 evolved after you completed 1 and 2, are there many improvements or differences from the first phases?
They are indeed many improvements. First in terms of design, we extended the size of each room and we made the villas more practical and easier to live in. We improved much on the materials that we use. Some materials we used on Phase 1 that were not satisfactory have now been changed to improve the quality of the construction. We have now massive 4 bedroom villas, with approximately 600sq.m of built up area to match with the increasing demand that we had for this kind of property.

You are not someone to rest so what plans do you have after Verano Residence for the future?
I am not sure yet 🙂 We still have a lot of work with Verano, so we are 100% focused on this development now. We will see after we complete the residence.

Where is still your most favourite place and restaurant on Samui?
I still love to go to the beach with my family, either Chaweng Noi or Crystal Bay, which are, for me, the best beaches on Samui. For restaurants? If we want European food, Pepenero in Maenam will be our top choice, with amazing Italian Food; For Thai food, we will stop at any of the small restaurants by the side of the road. If there are many locals sitting there, then it is certain to be good.

Verano Residence
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