Feature: Ban Tai Estate Villas

A holiday destination you will want to come back to again. What is comfort to you? Waking up to the first rays of the sun and jumping into your own private pool the first thing after you get out of bed? Following up with a cup of freshly brewed morning coffee while enjoying yourself on the sunbed in the shade of a palm tree and contemplating what kind of idleness shall you commit to today?

Should you walk 5 minutes from home and get a nice tan on a tropical beach before it’s too hot? How does a barbeque with your friends in your garden in the afternoon sound? And then have a laugh sharing stories in the cosy lounge area between a few drinks watching the setting sun? Sounds pretty nice, doesn’t it?

But maybe you don’t want to completely miss out on the luxuries of a big city and want to go to the movies sometimes? And what if you had your own private cinema under the sky?

If any of the above, or everything at once sound like comfort to you, then you’re welcome to experience it yourself in full at Ban Tai Estate.

Ban Tai Estate is a fully managed secure complex of stylish modern villas.
It’s a place to feel special. Intricate decorations and tasteful interior design here form a finest blend with exotic nature of tropical gardens and a delicate touch of civilization provided by modern high-tech equipment. Bright vivid colours will fill your heart with joy and exotic oriental decorations and lush greens of gardens will provide a wonderful atmosphere to rest your weary soul. Here you will never feel out of place, everything is there to satisfy your needs and comfort you – from soft comfortable beds and lounge sofas, to fully equipped kitchens, playgrounds, open-air cinemas in every unit and the welcome freshness of your own private pool.

The Ban Tai Estate Villas is located on the Ban Tai beach.
Ban Tai is not the most popular beach on Koh Samui, but that’s it’s biggest advantage. Hidden in the northern part of the island, Ban Tai is a dream come true for families with kids. It’s quiet, secluded, clean and absolutely safe for children. Big waves never come here from the sea, and it’s never overcrowded. A true definition of a “hidden gem”, if there is one. And unlike other wild secluded beaches, it’s located not too far from the shopping malls, supermarkets and tourist attractions, so you don’t miss out on anything staying in Ban Tai. It’s convenient and family-friendly.

Speaking of which, going on a vacation with your family and kids requires a bit different planning than going alone or with just the two of you.

You must consider if the place you’re staying in is at all safe for kids, let alone equipped for having them around with playgrounds and special furniture. Ban Tai Estate knows every little thing a mother is worried about and the villas not only are designed with having kids running around in mind, but also have special playgrounds for kids to hang out with lots of toys to keep them busy.

Ranging from 2 to 6 bedrooms, Ban Tai Estate villas can easily accommodate small and big groups in one villa or in separate villas matching different budgets and requirements.

Each Ban Tai Estate villa is an amazing place to celebrate your holidays, and is a convenient option between renting a private house and staying at a hotel. You get the best of both worlds: lower rates of a private accommodation and full service you can expect at a high-end hotel. And all of that is just 5 minutes away from the beach. Isn’t that amazing?

Yes, Ban Tai Estate is a fully managed hotel-grade complex with five-star maid service, maintenance, reception desk, helpful management staff – all available at a moment’s notice. Modern fashionable furniture made of high quality materials, high-tech home appliances and electronics and tastefully decorated interiors will surely leave a strong impression after your first stay here. First of many.

But can Ban Tai Estate truly provide the perfect conditions for you vacation? Let’s have a look at the options available.

Incredibly comfortable villas like Baylis or Mohito are a perfect accommodation not only for a group of friends or a family with kids, but also for seniors with safe poolside areas, handicap-friendly layout and utility.

Luxurious 6-bedroom villas Pina Colada or Bacardi are absolutely fantastic for a big company of friends. Gather everyone around and celebrate holidays, birthdays, throw a wedding party or simply have a heart-warming dinner with everybody that you love together by the poolside.
Newly built snow-white 4-bedroom villa Colibri is a real treat for your eyes, surely tired of the grey concrete of city centres and office buildings. Unwind to your leisure and relax to the fullest, recharge your body energy and reinvigorate your mind in the colourful atmosphere.

Comfortable and homey 3-bedroom villas Tawan or Chok are cheaper than a single night at a hotel of a same class, but with all of the benefits, full service and much needed privacy. The go-to option for a close family vacation and people who value intimacy and their time together.

2-bedroom garden villa Martini embraced by the lush greens of a tended tropical garden is a perfect place to relax in peace and quiet with just you and those you love the most. A wonderful honeymoon choice, exotic and intimate – perfect for two lovebirds on a vacation.

Thinking about something more business-oriented?
Ban Tai Estate is not only an amazing place for your vacation, but also a smart choice for seminars, workshops and team building.

Spacious villas have plenty of room for corporate meetings, workshops, seminars or any other kind of business meetings. Large lounge and dining areas can easily accommodate big groups of people with maximum comfort to easily withstand a couple of hours of a presentation. More than that, villas are equipped with home cinemas with large projector screens that are perfect for showing videos and presentations to big groups of people.

Every villa is equipped by modern technology standards for your maximum convenience and comfort and is a perfect place for learning, development, inspiration and bonding.

But not only corporate meetings are at the advantage here. You can easily run a yoga or fitness master class in poolside areas or in the cinema rooms, and the pools themselves are big enough to fit an entire aqua aerobics class!

Ban Tai Estate villas in plain facts:

Bedrooms: from 2 to 6;
Living space: from 150 to 680 m²
Guests: from 4+ to 12+

300 meters from the beach;
Full 5* hotel service;
Fully managed and maintained villa complex;
Reception desk;
Maid service;
Private pool in every unit;
Private projector screen cinemas;
Comfortable lounge areas;
Spacious bedrooms;
Fully equipped kitchen;

If you’re still having second thoughts about where to stay on your next vacation, whether you want to have a privacy of a villa or full service of a hotel, Ban Tai Estate is the best of the two combined. Impeccable attention to detail, utmost comfort and convenience and a five-star service at a very affordable price.

Come visit Ban Tai Estate and see for yourself! Ask any questions you may have to the ever-helpful management staff using contact info below and create your perfect holiday with Ban Tai Estate!

Ban Tai Estate
32/20 Moo 5, Maenam, Koh Samui, 84330
Теl: +66 918 26 73 92
www. bantaiestate.com