Pariah Dog Samui

“Saving One Dog Won’t Save The World.
But It Will Change the World for That One Dog.”

Satayu Publishing’s team recently took part in the Spartan Race Challenge to raise money and awareness for the Pariah Dog Centre on Koh Samui.

Pariah Dog was founded on the 1st July 2016 on Koh Samui by Dr. Vet. Elena Kireeva from Moscow, Russia & Stefan König from Basle, Switzerland. Animal Rescue Centre’s are numerous now across Thailand and all doing an amazing job with generally very little resources. Our team spent a day at Pariah Dog as volunteers, helping out with the dogs, playing and socializing with them.

Stefan and his team are doing an incredible job and their target is to sterilize five dogs per day on Koh Samui. They already are by 125 Dogs & 10 Cats, so you can see not only how dedicated these people are but how much they are making a difference. If for example half these dogs were female it would not be exaggerating to say that they could have easily breed to 1000 puppies just in two or three seasons. Thailand has a street dog problem and that includes cats too, and it is only through Rescue Centre’s such as Pariah Dog that with love and care these dogs are being treated for disease and accidents and sterilized.

Pariah Dog is on a large piece of land that is dedicated to sheltering these animals. There is a clinic section plus a consultation room and a surgery room for the ill and dogs waiting to receive operations or those in recovery. Pariah Dog has the full cooperation from SDF Phuket, PACS Koh Phangan and the Snake Rescue Koh Samui.

Each of the dogs here has their own story and each has a name, they are Stefan’s children, and he has rescued them from the streets and has taken them in as they cannot survive alone. Here we have two wonderful examples, you have Uncle Louie, who has a wheelchair but is the dog that takes care of all of the puppies, he is a strong character and the happiest dog I have seen in all my years. Then you have Brownie, who had his leg crushed in an accident, and had an operation in Phuket to amputate his leg and to ensure no disease and infection spread. That is just two examples of the 125 Dogs & 10 Cats at Pariah Dog Koh Samui.

Stefan asks for people to kindly donate money for food, for sterilization, for operations (injured dogs) and also adoption to forever homes and has had quite a few of his dogs taken overseas to forever homes.
As mentioned they all have a story and he has given them all the opportunity to live.