Tips & Tricks: Some Handy DIY Home Tricks

If you’re like me, you will have that special cupboard at home full of used glass jars, which you just
don’t want to throw away. All shapes and sizes and most have some old tattered part of a label left
on. Well here we will give you some handy fun tips to use your old jam jars.

Simple, Chemical-free Ways To Remove Labels And Glue Rest
From Your Glass Jars

Old glass Jars are used in a lot of DIY projects. They have so many uses, but one thing that can get
annoying is when you try to peel off or remove labels or any traces of glue from the jars. First, you
must sink the jars in hot soapy water, make a paste of oil and baking soda-the ingredients should
be 50/50. Any type of oil will do the trick, but you can try olive oil for the best results. Rub the paste
on the sticky surfaces or on the labels and let it sit for a few minutes. Use a clean cloth to wipe the
paste away and the labels. The labels and glue will come right off.

Floating Candles in a Jar

It’s astonishing what a homemade burning candle can do. A burning candle can light up a room
and change the atmosphere with the scent it burns. You can create a certain scent that will remind
you of home. And it won’t take more than 10 minutes to do so. You will need a jar for your summery
scented candle and some “special” ingredients such as lemon grass, sliced limes, fresh mint leaves,
or some aromatic Thai herbs from the local market and that’s about it. And the thing is that you can
use this type of beautiful decorative candle with its fresh smell to keep the pesky bugs away. And
the combination of colors can light up and brighten any room. The candles are great decorations,
and you can add some drops of citronella, to make the scent even fresher and longer lasting.

Cute Jar Terrariums
Step 1. Choose an open jar.

Step 2. Cover the bottom with an inch layer of tiny pebbles or rocks to create a false drainage
system for the plant roots.

Step 3. Add a thin layer of activated charcoal, this keeps the water fresh, and prevent mold and
bacteria from building up.

Step 4. Add a layer of potting soil. They also make a special mix if you choose to use cacti and
succulents instead of moss and ferns.

Step 5. Place plants in the terrarium, starting with the largest plant first.