Outdoor Living: The Garden Pit BBQ

Sometimes something simple can be a load of fun. Tired of the rusty iron BBQ, how about building your own super cool pit BBQ. Easy to create and great fun in your garden, your garden parties will never be the same.

Making a Simple Budget Shallow Pit Barbecue

1. Luckily for this simple Barbecue pit option, you need hardly any tools. But before you start, be sure to have found a shovel, some bricks or optional mortar, a grill, a spirit level, and something that you can use to cover the pit when you are not using it. You can also use some gravel, sand, paving slabs or excess bricks.

2. Dig a hole the depth of one brick turned vertically. The first step to making a basic Barbecue pit is digging a hole (not larger than you can cover with your grill) at an appropriate and safe place in your backyard. A basic pit could be the depth of one brick turned vertically. You can make it bigger or smaller depending on your requirements, and you can use it as a smoker too, you’ll find a rectangle or square is the easiest BBQ shape to create.

3. Use bricks to secure the sides. Once you have the hole, knock in the bricks around the edges to give it a solid structure. It’s best to use some mortar to fix it in place and be sure that the bricks will not become dislodged and fall into the hole. You could even make a pit without putting bricks along the sides, but this is a good idea to make it more secure and lasting.

4. Check it is level. Lay a spirit level over the top of the pit to check that it is level. If it is too large for your spirit level, you can place a longer plank of wood over it the hole and put the spirit level on top of that. Try laying your grill over the top of the pit to check that it sits on it nicely and does not slide off to one side.

5. Use slabs and gravel for optional extra touches. You can place some slabs around the edges of the pit on the grass to give you an area to place your grill and clearly demarcate the area where the Barbecue is. This is an excellent way to make it more of a feature, and you can be creative with how you lay out it. The fire shouldn’t touch any grass, you should clear away the grass from the edges of the pit for safety fire reasons. You can also spread some gravel, or sand in the base of the pit to so you are not burning wood directly on the soil

6. Set up the grill. The grill iron is now ready to be added to your project. Now that you have your formation set up, you can lay your grill across the hole. You can add some bricks or cinder blocks around the edges to hold it in place more securely.