Outdoor Living: Heat Resistant Plants

Great Plants for that HOT Tropical Garden
There’s a tropical plant to suit every garden in Samui and I’ve compiled a list of some of our tropical plants which will thrive in hot climates. Hot climates can be a challenge for the gardener, unless you want to grow a rock garden or cactus!

Bromeliads (Urn Plant)
These are ornamental plants with beautiful flowers, slow-growing, easy to care for, and drought-resistant. They do well both where there is a lot and a moderate amount of sunlight. If one gets a lot of sun, the leaves become more and more colourful. Bromeliads give off oxygen during the night and absorb carbon dioxide, making them especially good to have inside especially the bedroom.

Staghorn Fern (Climbing bird’s nest fern)
This fern has climbing roots and thick, green leaves covered with fuzzy hair. The leaf ends fork, resembling a stag’s antlers. For their beautiful and unusual shapes, and their moisturizing quality, they’re often used as ornamental plants.

Fan palm (Palas Payung)
The standout feature of the fan palm is its wide, spreading leaves, resembling folding fans. It can reach four meters in height. But be careful the leaves end in sharp, thorny points.

Hardy Gingers & Heliconia’s
Heliconias are an integral part of any tropical garden design. The form great back drops and screens with the large upright leaves. Most tolerate full sun which makes the large heliconias great for creating some shade for smaller under-story plants.

Shell Ginger (Alpinia zerumbet)
Beautiful Ginger with large white and pink flowers and lush tropical foliage. Full sun to part shade. Fairly drought hardy. Heat hardy with enough water.

Lobster-claws (Heliconia-Rostrata)
Heliconia Rostrata (also known as hanging lobster claw or false bird of paradise) is a plant that has downward-facing flowers, the flowers thus providing a source of nectar to birds, especially the hummingbird. Because of its unique heat hardy characteristics, it is often used in tropical gardens.

Heliconia Strawberries & Cream (Heliconia Psittacorum)
Another beautiful small Heliconia for tropical gardens. It is suitable for full sun to part shade, heat tolerant and drought tolerant (although it looks best with regular watering). Flowers are stunning and brighten any garden heavy on foliage. Flowers for many months at a time.

Canna Indica (Cannaceae)
Any Canna is a fantastic addition to your garden, every single Canna flower is a work of art, absolutely stunning. Canna indica is one of the toughest Canna’s around, and is suitable for full sun to part shade positions. Very heat tolerant. Looks best with regular watering, but is very drought tolerant also.