Island Home: Walk In Style

How to make your villa stand out
First impressions matter, so the saying goes. The moment you enter someone’s house your first impression tells you whether or not you are going to like it. What hits you first? Is it the size of the room or the furniture? Perhaps the colour scheme or the how light the room is. There are many things that can influence your decision.

Good interior design will go a long way to make your home stand out and give a positive first impression.

Let us start with the entrance to your villa. A spectacular entrance paints a picture of grandeur. The lead in to your villa will dictate how people view the size of your property whether or not it is large or small. The bigger the path or entrance to your villa the more spacious it will seem.
Double entrance doors with large decorative door knobs will give the impression you are about to enter a grande villa. Solid wood is ideal or a pair of finally carved antique doors if you can find them.

Once you enter your villa you need to feel the space. Avoid cluttering the entrance with furniture so you can enter the room without having pieces of furniture in your path. Give your furniture space. Remember less is more.

Make your room as light as possible, you do not want to be entering a cave. Keep your colour scheme neutral and choose to add a splash of colour here and there. If you have a view onto a garden or natural landscape allow it to come into the room and do not shut it out with curtains. If you need to control the sunlight use blinds on your windows.

As you pass through your villa it should be seamless. In other words, you should be able to move from one room to another without barriers in your way. Avoid more doors if you can to keep that open feel throughout. Try removing doors to adjoining rooms, it will allow you to glimpse what lays beyond and encourage you to use the whole villa rather than living room by room.

An open plan kitchen is a must if you want to interact with your guests while you cook. Kitchen design these days is very high tech and good design will blend seamlessly with your dining/living area.

Consider a different style in each room. You could change the furniture style or lighting to fit the mood of the room and the way in which you might use it. For example, it might be somewhere you use as a study or a room to read and relax in.

Statement pieces will do a lot to make your villa stand out. A large sculpture or a chandelier will define the space and pieces of art and photographs placed strategically around your villa will have a big impact and say a lot about your taste and individual style.

Choose fabrics and cushions to give that luxurious feel in your bedrooms and around your villa.

Lastly, go for comfortable outdoor furniture that blends well with your landscape and creates an indoor outdoor environment.