Island Home: The Minimalist Outdoors

A beautiful outdoor space is on most people’s wish list, but for some, the climate isn’t as practical as others. Our tropical climate in Asia allows us to make any outdoor dreams into a reality and the low maintenance; minimalist outdoor designs are the new cool!

Most of us have busy lives – whether we are a slave to the work grind, or on holidays, we rarely want to spend our time on upkeep and cleaning of high maintenance gardens. These outdoor designs are not the typical green filled tropical garden and lawn spaces, but they certainly don’t lack style, beauty and the serene charm you are generally only privy to on your holiday escapes.
Getting the right feel for this low maintenance, minimalist look all comes down to colour schemes, capturing the light and purchasing specialist pieces and plants to create the look and feel inspired by the simplistic style of stunning Mediterranean summers.

Feature plants are a great way to get some green into your minimalist space. Make the most of the tropical climate and invest in some structural palms that can be potted for easy maintenance and a clean, modern and sleek look. Date Palms, Banana fans, Livistona, Sambal, Cycads and Bird’s Nest ferns all offer a tropical design that is low maintenance, whilst adding the resort theme to your outdoor zone.

Most of these plants are both sun and shade tolerant and perfect for smaller outdoor spaces or large entertaining gardens. It’s all about finding plants that are unique and a little bit off the beaten path to add a bit of flair to your outdoor ‘scape.

When choosing your outdoor colour scheme, select something that compliments your interiors to create a flow between the two areas. White is back in! Together with neutrals, charcoals and the old resort island favourite, navy.

These colours are restive to the eye, easy to live in and fantastic to design around. Resort colours traditionally are navy blue or blue and white stripes with beautiful textures and things such as hammocks, easy armchairs and hardwearing floor cushions/poufs. Upholstery choices and big cushions are key to getting the best overall design for your outdoor area.

Whether you’re opting for a structured lounge /dining setting, or the new ranges of bean bag-style lounges, keep furniture relaxed and low maintenance.

If you get the elements right, from durable, low maintenance materials to neutral tones, you can be king or queen of your own outdoor domain.

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