Island Home: Sofa So Good

Sofa so good… you have left the best till last. All your design choices are falling into place and so it’s time to take a rest and put your feet up. But something’s missing…is it a nice comfy sofa you are looking for? Sofa’s can go anywhere, sitting room, bedroom, study or media room.

Buying a sofa is a major investment so take your time. Comfort is of prime importance unless you want to get rid of your guests quickly. How are you going to use it? Do you want to curl up all nice and cosy or stretch your legs out with your back resting against an arm? Soft or firm? deep or shallow, high or low, cushions or tight-back.

Sofa size, like so many pieces of furniture will be dictated by the size of your room. The arms and legs of a sofa will tell you a lot about style. Curves say comfort, straight lines modern and modular. Trappings such as piping, studs and trim will establish a sofas personality.

Look for natural fibres like cotton or linen as they are a more pleasing aesthetic and will still look good even when they wear – a well lived in sofa gives character to a room. Synthetic fibres, whilst durable and stain-resistant can look cold and antiseptic. You can always add an ottoman with colourful fabric to create a different look.

A luscious velvet is super comfortable and the colours can be vibrant. Try purple, scarlet or ochre. Leather wears the best and looks great as it ages, also handles animals and children with ease.

L shaped is popular if you have a large room and is often modular allowing seating to be separated.

Placing your sofa in the room is important. It doesn’t have to be placed against a wall. If you have the space, try it in the middle of your room with a rug and coffee table in front. A console table placed directly behind the sofa can enhance the overall look with a lamp and a display of flowers can add another focus to your room. So good sofa!

Adrian Rawle

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