Island Home: Lounging Around

Are you an armchair critic? Time to buy a lounge chair!

For some of us from colder climes and of a certain age, armchairs can conjure up memories of sitting beside a roaring log fire at Christmas time or grandpa with his slippers on and his feet up next to the fire smoking a pipe and his nose in a good book.

Over the years, armchairs have played a part in many old movies and have been a staple in most homes often reserved for the master of the house. Now the grand old armchair of yesteryear has morphed into something far more interesting, today’s lounge chair is something for all family members to sit in and enjoy as well as family pets if you let them!

When choosing a lounge chair, take into account the chairs purpose. Think where you may want to place the chair, looking out onto a beautiful view or tucked into a comfy corner. If you have children or pets you should go for a chair that is durable and practical but avoid fabrics that attract cats to sharpen their claws on. If it is for you alone then indulge yourself with something fancy but comfortable. Today, the choices are endless. Any seat with arms counts as a lounge chair and they are made of a variety of materials from laminated wood to powder coated aluminium or a combination of different materials.

Lounge chairs come in many shapes and sizes and styles. There are high backs, low backs, Asian style, rattan, plush velvet or fabric that will blend well with your other furniture. Try coupling a matching pair of statement armchairs for a dramatic effect. Classic Egg chair anyone? Danish-Style (lots of nice wood beautifully crafted) or Hygge (coziness) is popular or if you are feeling extravagant, soft leather and a gentle colour tone will make it an ideal place to rest a weary frame or settle in for a good read or a spot of online indulgence and remember, leather always ages well and lasts for years.

Lounge chairs do not have to be bulky or block the room. The great thing about lounge chairs are they can be stand alone and do not have to match your existing furniture. If you have an old armchair or an old favourite you cannot bear to get rid of consider reupholstering it in a modern fabric that blends with your existing furniture or that will stand out and add personality to your space.

Loft by Oriental Living has an amazing range of lounge chairs and whatever you choose they will make sure you are sitting pretty.

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