Island Home: Kitchen Concepts

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home, where cooking, communication and entertaining takes
place. It is also one of the most important design elements when building and renovating, for the very same reason. So much time is spent in this communal space that a lot of thought goes into the style, feel and practicalities of a great kitchen.

Here are some ideas for a cool and classy looking kitchen
that is great for chefs too!:

Classic colour palettes
Keep your colour scheme neutral or classic when designing
your kitchen to make it feel large, clean and un-cluttered.
The lighter the colour, the bigger your space will feel.

Integrated storage and workstations
It’s becoming increasingly popular to integrate appliances
and workstations into the design of a kitchen to create a
sense of flow and cohesion. It’s important to ensure that
appliances such as fridges and microwaves don’t dominate
the aesthetic of your kitchen and this focus stops your
kitchen looking cluttered and busy. Storage in a kitchen is
a must, so having a ‘butler’s pantry’ that is tucked behind
joinery is a great way to provide generous storage while
being discreet.

Add some life
Beautiful floral arrangements, large leafy greens and
decorative herb planters bring life to your kitchen space.
It is a great way to bring the outdoors inside and add an
organic touch to your kitchen space.

Open shelving and decorative detail
Choose beautiful ceramics, vases and storage containers to
display on open shelving. If you have something beautiful, put
it on show, but don’t over clutter!

Materials and finishes
Kitchen counters, cabinetry and appliances are all very
important to get the look and feel of your kitchen design
right. Depending on whether you are looking for a traditional,
modern, beachy or country style kitchen, all of these elements
need to be aligned to create the overall look.

There is a vast array of options available for beautiful
counter tops, such as; natural stone like marble and granite,
reconstituted stone such as Caesarstone and corian, solid
timber tops and the industrial look of stainless steel. Your
cabinetry should compliment the counter tops in both
colour and texture, and be sure to choose high quality
cabinetry hardware for soft closing and solid storage space.

Splash backs
Glass and mirror
Glass or window splashbacks are the current go-to
for modern kitchens due to their easy-clean and
clutter free disposition. Clear fixed glass or windows
enables the outdoor light to filter through into the
kitchen space, and glass splashbacks come in an
array of colours. Mirror is another great option as it
will reflect the view and add interest to the kitchen.

Tile splashbacks are the traditional choice, however,
have been revitalized through the vast choice of
styles and designs, like detail mosaics and industrial
subway tiles. There is some maintenance involved,
as the grout tends to discolour over time, but are a
great way to add interest, texture and colour to a
kitchen and tiles laid in unexpected ways also can
add drama.

Natural stone
Marble or granite splashbacks are quite a bit more
expensive than standard tiles, but add a luxurious
touch and character to a kitchen because each piece
is unique. Stone requires resealing from time to time
to keep it stain-resistant.

Stainless steel
Sleek, stainless splashbacks are very in vogue,
particularly in industrial style kitchens. While they
can scratch, they are hardwearing, easy to clean
and the small scratches are all part of the look of
a stainless steel kitchen and works well teamed
with natural stone benchtops and neutral coloured

Bar stools
Bar stools can be a beautiful design aspect for your
kitchen, but before you get excited about selecting some
gorgeous bar stools for your breakfast bar or center work
bench, be sure to measure up to ensure you get the
height right for your stools. If the bar stool is either too tall
or too short, it will make the bench an impractical space.

Lighting is one of the most important elements to a well
designed kitchen – after all, kitchens are for cooking, so
we need to have the right kind of lighting to keep us safe
while cooking up a storm, as well as having the option
for ambient entertainment lighting. To achieve a good
balance of lighting, ensure you include task lighting over
the practical areas of the kitchen and ambient lighting
over dining spaces. Pendant lights can add a luxurious
detail to what is generally a very practical space. Add the
detail elements where you can!

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