Island Home: Green with Envy – Styling with Plants

The style of plants you choose can change the entire look
and feel of your space. Living in Thailand we are spoiled
for choice with some of the most amazing (and inexpensive)
tropical flora options to enhance our interiors with.

Common thinking suggests plants in the home should be
in a pot on the floor in a corner where nothing else will fit.
While this is often effective, there are so many other ideas
to get some green into your interior spaces:

  • Decide on the look you hope to achieve and work the
    plants in around the design of your indoor space. Potted
    palms offer a casual, luxury element to contemporary Asian
    style homes, while large, broad leaf indoor plants look
    amazing in modern villas to soften the architectural lines.
    Small potted flowers can give a home eclectic country
  • Decorate your shelves: Make use of bookshelves or open
    shelving around the home; whether it be in the bathroom,
    bedroom or kitchen. Small, broad leaf plants will cascade
    down the shelving to create a beautiful accent nestled in
    between other items.
  • Hanging plants are currently in vogue! Try putting air
    plants, succulents, broad leaf tropical plants or herbs into
    hanging glass or ceramic vessels grouped together to
    create a feature.
  • Living walls add a touch of glamour to an indoor space
    and once installed, require very little care. It is all in the
    preparation – get your landscaper to ensure there is a built in
    irrigation system and drainage, then leave it up to the timer!
    Living artwork – who doesn’t love that!
  • Pot plant stands are brilliant for adding height to your
    plants. Rather than trying to find a suitable table for the
    plant to sit on, there are now stunning pot plant stands
    in metals, timbers and other materials that are style
    statements themselves.
  • Choose your pots wisely! The design, colour, size and
    shape of your pot can determine the style and overall look of
    your room. There are some amazing hand painted and fired
    ceramic pots available throughout Thailand with vibrant
    colours and artistic designs. Metallics such as copper,
    bronze and pewter are also gorgeous, high-end style pieces
    that add brilliant accents you can tie in with other elements
    throughout the home. If you are going for a more natural
    feel, try woven baskets. These look particularly good in
    indoor/outdoor bathrooms and casual beach houses.
  • Get advice from an expert! Only certain plants are
    good indoors and may require either a sundrenched space,
    or dark and cool location inside the home to thrive. If
    you haven’t got much of a green thumb, ask for a low
    maintenance plant that doesn’t need a lot of care. There
    are lots of options out there!

Natalie Stevenson
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