Island Home: Creative Colour Palettes

To create a calm and soothing environment in our homes, we often rely on pale, neutral shades, forcing us to stay in a ‘safe zone’ when it comes to decorating our space. Of course, there will always be a call for the 50 shades of white we all love to use to keep our environment clean and calm, however, there is a new and exciting design direction on trend in 2017 and I am excited!

Colours are in!…But not in a gaudy way. There are some gorgeous colours available that still offer a calm and stunningly stylish design, injecting interesting texture and tones we can still team with neutral elements, if we so choose. These schemes are often employed in luxurious spas and high-end clothing boutiques because they instill a sense of peace and sophistication. And they can conjure the same mood in your home. A trick is to find shades and patterns of the same colour to use throughout your space.

We don’t only get to be daring with paint colours. The huge selection of beautiful wallpapers and tile designs have opened up an even larger opportunity for us to create something not only unique, but also boldly different from the rest. If you’re not quite ready to make the jump to wall colour, try using some neutral textured wallpaper, or tiles to give your room some depth and a different feel from the standard white wall look and add some big colourful pots – particularly for your outdoor spaces.

And if this isn’t already exciting enough for those of us living on a stunning tropical island paradise – the tropics are also ‘in’ around the world, with interesting palm, jungle and printed wallpapers to really allow you to bring out your eccentric side! If this is too bold for your home, check with your kids? Printed and patterned wallpaper can add some fun and colour to a kid’s room. Or, why not get creative in your business space? There are some great designs around to add a cool vibe and coziness to cafes, bars, salons or boutiques. Take a look at some of the spectacular designs currently on trend in homes and commercial spaces around the world.

Natalie Stevenson
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