Island Home: Art on the Floor

You have placed your furniture and got your art on the walls but something is missing. Look down at your feet. Your floor needs a rug. Rugs can transform a room. Rugs look great on any floor and help to make a design statement especially a patterned rug with vibrant colours. 

Rugs will work in any room and will enhance the overall look adding colour and a feeling of wellbeing. They come in all shapes and sizes so it should be easy to find one that will fit your room.

Rugs can be placed anywhere in a room no matter what the shape. Do not be afraid to put furniture on them. They look great under a coffee table for example. Be creative, place your rug aligned to a piece of furniture, it does not have to be in the centre of the room.

Where to start? Ask yourself, how big do you want the pile on the rug? In the tropics it is best to choose a rug with a short pile, long piles give the feeling of warmth which is what you might not want although they work well in bedrooms where you might want a little warmth underfoot. Next, take a photograph of a rug you like and look at it in the room you want to put it. How does the pattern and colours fit with your overall design and will it compliment your furniture?

A rug in the entrance hall will set the tone for your house. For the lounge you can choose bold colours, cashmere rugs or a modern design rug. In the dining room cut pile wool carpet is easier to keep clean. Bedroom rugs make for peaceful and comfortable feel. Choose a light coloured rug to give a calm feeling. Hand-knitted rugs in wool or silk give a luxurious feel.

Get ideas by looking through design magazines and visit design showrooms as they will have placed rugs in different settings to give you an idea of how and where to place them.

Tips Safety – Use a liner to keep your rug from slipping depending on your floor surface. Polished wood floors are especially slippery. Cleaning – most rugs can be cleaned by using a vacuum cleaner except for silk carpets as the fine silk threads will be pulled from the rug by the suction. Instead, take the rug outside and beat it with your hands or use a carpet beater on the underside of the carpet but never the face side as this will damage the fibres Silk carpets should be kept out of direct sunlight as this will fade the vibrant colours of the dyed silk over time.

Adrian Rawle