Island Home: Accessorise But Not To Excess

Now you have designed your room with everything you desire to make a comfortable and luxury feel to your living space it is time for the fun part. Time to accessorise. Accessories come in all shapes, sizes and colours and can make or break the look and feel of a room.

Be careful not to get carried away and buy everything that catches your eye especially if it is cheap. Best to go for quality over quantity. Just as you carefully chose your furniture apply the same principle to your accessories.

Accessories can include large items such as art pieces, carpets, floor and table lights.These should be chosen with care as you are not going to replace them as quickly as you might do with much smaller items such as glass vases, china wear, candles, jewellery boxes, cushions and throws.
Think about your space and do not attempt to squeeze a large piece into any nook and cranny. Everything needs breathing space, even the smallest piece.

Combine colour and texture. If your room is neutral, think of adding a splash of colour. Anything from decorative ceramics to a nest of coloured beaded boxes and good old staples such as patterned and vibrant cushions. For these smaller items, think of grouping them together and try mixing colours and textures.

Unusual pieces such as seashells and twigs or even a colourful koi fish carved out of wood can bring life to a cabinet or table helping to bring visual interest and contrast to a room.

Placing accessories is important but to begin with try them in different places depending on your mood or the season. Often just changing things around can give a different look and feel to a room.

Designers know how to use accessories to maximum advantage and it is good to seek their advice. Showing them a photo of your room is a good start. If something does catch your eye, imagine where you would put it and whether it will enhance your living space without cluttering it up. Remember the old adage, less is more.

Look for shops that have quality furnishings and a design flare. Oriental Living in Maenam and Loft by Oriental Living have beautiful and carefully chosen accessories, most of them from SE Asia handcrafted in Indonesia, northern Thailand, Cambodia and Burma including some fine marble Buddhas if you are looking for a standout piece.

They also have many smaller items of interest, none of which are dull and are worthy of any home. If you love something buy it there and then, but don’t sweat over it if you are in doubt, return another day as new items are sure to arrive that you will fall in love with.

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