Island Home: A Touch Of Timber – Designing With Wood Detail

The perfect design touch to give your space warmth and detail is timber – from rustic ceiling beams to carved doorways
and decorative timber furniture, wood detail can give your home an elegant and timeless look. Not only is timber suitable
for the eclectic, rustic home, it also suits the contemporary, modern home and every style in between.
With over 5000 different woods to choose from, there is bound to be something that will suit ones construction or design

Some woods are ideal for insulation, some for acoustics, grain, color, appearance, and others for structural
frames, walls, floors, ceilings and furniture.

As the product of choice for traditional homes around the
world, timber has been used for centuries to create a variety
of home styles to suit a vast array of climates; from sultry,
tropical environments to sub zero temperatures – proving
its versatility.

The modern day architect, designer and buyer are
becoming more ethically conscious about using timber,
often choosing recycled products and buying through
registered, sustainable forestry organisations. Be sure
to check that any rainforest timbers are FSC (Forest
Stewardship Council)–certified plantation timber or
regrowth forest timber and where possible, recycle! Aged
timber is not only beautiful to add detail to your home, but
comes with a story. Most cultures have used timber as
their primary building material for centuries, so there is no
shortage of recycled timber options.

Different varieties of timber offer different design elements
to a home. Bamboo for example, is a versatile and popular
choice for sustainable homes, furniture and design detail.
Its malleable constitution can produce amazing curved
designs without carving and gives the space a tropical

The contemporary ‘Scandi’ style, with its light-blonde
colour scheme gives the interiors a minimalist, open and
airy living concept. Team this pale timber with whites and
pastels to create a fresh, modern and relaxed vibe.
Mid to dark coloured hardwoods are beautiful to incorporate
warmth and detail to a space. Delicately carved pieces are
perfect to add exotic detail to your home. Try incorporating
antique doors into a contemporary space to bring some
history and interest. These timbers mixed with soft, white,
textured fabrics create a romantic ‘ultimate sanctuary’ feel.
In the design world, we are beginning to see the emerging
trend towards ‘Artisanal’ interiors with a resurgence of natural
fibres, organic shapes, hand-crafted accessories and hand
woven textiles as the mood swings away from a throw-away,
excessive culture. Let’s hope this trend of natural products,
mixed with colour, texture and metals to create a sleek and
earthy, boutique resort look is here to stay.

Natalie Stevenson

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