Architect’s Talk: Villa Seawadee

Villa Seawadee is the newest design project from the winner of the famous and prestigious Thailand’s Best
Property Awards 2013, Best Villa Architectural Design. Famous Thai-origin visionary Bodin Sritrakul is wellknown
for his inspiring architecture while creating buildings which blend in as seamlessly as possible with the

Bodin Sritrakul is not only known as an architect, his architecture is world widely recognized as
works of Art. All of his designs and concepts are spectacular creating a revolutionary and unique theme. It
can be noted that his company Neoconcept Design and Construction also won second place in the Best Villa
Architectural Design Award 2013.

One of his latest accomplishments and certainly a work of art is Villa Seawadee a wonderfully designed and
stunning villa built up on the rocks overlooking Chawengs Bay tranquil blue water. Mr. Bodin has certainly
worked his magic in designing a not only stunning villa but one with perfect functionality. Villa Seawadee is still
close enough to the crowds but far enough to have that blissful tranquillity. Take a short drive off the main ring
road between Chaweng and Lamai and head straight up into the thick jungle. If you’re lucky enough you might
just find Villa Seawadee. The villa’s name is derived from the word ‘sea’ which fills the view from every angle,
and the word ‘sawadee’ which is a greeting in Thai. The name is fitting, as the villa’s design encompasses
indoor-outdoor living and welcomes in the sea vistas and breezes.

Perched on the mountainside above Chaweng Noi, the four-bedroomed Villa Seawadee boasts not only
spectacular views, but also modern design in a prime location.

Floor-to-ceiling windows and stack-away doors allow guests to make the most of the villa’s elevated
microclimate and enjoy either the cooling breezes, or close the villa to the elements and still enjoy the scenery
below – from the greens of the jungle and coconut groves to the blues of the ocean, dotted with brightly coloured
fishing boats.

At night the ocean is equally as eye-catching as the water lights up with a green iridescent glow from the
squid-boat lights and the shimmer of the moon on the water, while the beachfront lights up from the occasional
fireworks display from the resorts. And if you’re up at dawn with the birds, you’d be rewarded with an impressive
sunrise over the bay.

Your every need has been considered in this luxury villa, from a state-of-the-art kitchen where a complimentary
continental breakfast is prepared, to the upmarket and stylish furnishings and works of art throughout every
room. Villa Seawadee’s design allows guests to come together as a group and enjoy the communal living areas,
or retreat to the solitude and comfort of their bedrooms. This is the perfect fair-share option for groups, as each
bedroom offers 180 degree views and luxury finishes, as well as spacious en-suite bathrooms.

Villa Seawadee can be rented as a three or four-bedroom unit, sleeping a maximum of eight guests. Please
note that this villa is not suited to children under the age of 12 years. Honeymooners can enquire about special
rates for only two guests.

  • 3 or 4 bedrooms
  • each with 180-degree sea views
  • fully furnished with air-conditioning
  • Master Bedroom with climate system
  • 550 m2 of indoor and outdoor living space
  • Terrace with a 35m2 infinity swimming pool
  • Fountain and water features
  • Outside barbecue
  • Dining area seating for 8 to 10 guests
  • Outside Jacuzzi with 8 seats on the top floor
  • Lounge and living areas with panoramic sea view
  • open space concept and floor-to-ceiling windows

Are just some of the amenities this beautifully situated villa has to offer, for more information or viewing please contact:
Advance Samui Properties., Co,Ltd
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Tel : 081 374 0014