Architect’s Talk: Custom Built Furniture in Samui

Kitchens, Walk in Closets and Windows Where to Buy in Samui
One of the most frequently asked questions from expats when they first arrive is: where to buy furniture in Samui?
Many expats choose not to bring their furniture from home. This is in case the furniture does not fit or to avoid unnecessary shipping charges on possibly unusable items.

Relocated singles and sometimes young couples, may not even own much furniture back home. Many just want the chance to start from the ground up with new furnishings and decorating. The first port of call then is to find a suitable store.
Like most shopping in Thailand, if you need to buy furniture in Samui, there is a huge range to choose from, depending on your needs.

Today we take a closer look at Rudi’s Windows and Doors

Rudi being a long-term ex pat on Samui (28 years) has specialized himself on windows, doors, kitchens and walk in closets. Three years ago, Rudi invested in an Austrian professional carpentry factory. Importing all the heavy machinery and equipment from Austria to his 800M2 factory on Samui might seem a touch extreme but Rudi wanted the complete factory to be able to offer his clients on Samui the wide-ranging customization solutions that only such a workshop can offer. The factory also includes a professional lacquering room, giving the final show finish in both High Gloss and the modern Matt finish to the end product.

The speciality with Rudi’s factory is the possibility to build complete custom furniture solutions. This includes being able to produce furniture materials of over 3 metres in length. Most products are normally only maximum 2.4m in length.

Most high-end villas today are all built as custom pieces and this means standard built in kitchens and walk in closets for example are just not going to fit well and this is where Rudi’s custom solutions can make that perfect finishing touch to kitchens, furniture and walk in closets.

HMR – High Moisture Resistance board
Rudi’s workshop has the opportunity to build kitchens and furniture using the HMR board. High Moisture Resistance board – is produced by special synthetic resin which enhances its moisture resistance in high humidity environment and also termite and ant proof. So, this product is extremely recommended for Thailand where we have high humidity and also often many of these little critters that can ruin a home in no time.

Rudi offers complete furniture solutions that are all built in house, so there is no need to wait on lengthy contracts where the individual pieces are being brought in. Whether its kitchens, granite, windows, bedroom closets, walk in wardrobes or just a piece of customized furniture Rudi’s Kitchens and Doors will have the perfect solution for you.

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