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Island Home: The Indigo Effect

The boldly beautiful color of Indigo is a natural blue dye made from the flowering Indigofera plant and has been used for centuries in textiles and fashion. This truly authentic hue is popular in interior design due to its ability to create a serene atmosphere that’s reminiscent of the depths of the ocean. Indigo is often used in place blacks and charcoals as a variation on a dark neutral tones, particularly in conjunction with softer hues. Continue reading

Island Home: Creative Colour Palettes

To create a calm and soothing environment in our homes, we often rely on pale, neutral shades, forcing us to stay in a ‘safe zone’ when it comes to decorating our space. Of course, there will always be a call for the 50 shades of white we all love to use to keep our environment clean and calm, however, there is a new and exciting design direction on trend in 2017 and I am excited!
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Island Home: Design Inspiration

TIt’s 2017 and while the holiday season may be over,
it doesn’t mean our homes cant reflect a little piece
of our vacation paradise. If you are anything like me,
it isn’t only location and price point that attract me to
book that resort, hotel, bungalow or chalet for the once
a year retreat from our normal lives – it is the style, look
and feel a place promises to offer us in the images and
reviews that makes me click the ‘book now’ button!
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