Magazine Articles - Publish Date (Bi-monthly): April 2017

Feature: 15 Year Anniversary Of Luxury Villas & Homes

When John Birt, sadly now passed, first started Samui Villas and Homes as a local island management and rental agency some 15 years ago, the market for private villa rentals was still in its infancy. Investors were just starting to buy land and build luxurious second homes on the island, so Mr. Birt saw an opportunity to get a foothold in a market that he felt was sure to expand. He was right.
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Island Home: Creative Colour Palettes

To create a calm and soothing environment in our homes, we often rely on pale, neutral shades, forcing us to stay in a ‘safe zone’ when it comes to decorating our space. Of course, there will always be a call for the 50 shades of white we all love to use to keep our environment clean and calm, however, there is a new and exciting design direction on trend in 2017 and I am excited!
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Property Design: Loft Furniture By Oriental Living

Most of us while buying a home rarely take into consideration
the loft space. Your loft space can represent up to one third
of your total house floor area, so putting it to good use a
makes good sense. When deciding what to do with your loft
space, there are two possible routes to go down: either a full
conversion of the space, or – instead – opting for a loft storage
room. While both may sound similar, they are in fact extremely
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