Samui Phangan Magazine October - November 2016

Looking through the international newspapers this morning it really dawned on me how fortunate some of us are to live permanently or semi permanently in such a beautiful part of the world. Sometimes after spending so much time here it becomes a normality to feel the wonderful tropical warmth, sit at the beach and watch the clear blue water ebbing on crystal white sand or relax in your garden between amazing lush foliage. Yes, I know it’s not always perfect and there are still some factors we should be aware of but really it is damn close. My train of thought moved away from the comforts of Asian living to my personal life and job as editor. Seems I get to meet nearly everyone that comes to Samui and would like to do business. OK not everyone is my cup of tea but I meet some of the coolest people from all over the world. Most projects I get to see even if they are in the design phase or selling off-plan like one of the freshest and very interesting on the island “Skypia Samui”. I see small homes and luxury villas all the time and it takes quite a lot to really impress me. But a few weeks ago I was shown “Baan Puri”, at Lipa Noi, Koh Samui, an incredible lavish villa managed by one of our long term friends and clients “Luxury Villas and Homes”. I’m not going to say more about it here, you can read on inside and be amazed.

I hope you all enjoy reading this edition as much as I and our great team have loved putting it together. If you are reading this somehow someway our tropical islands have caught your attention and we are all very blessed to be part for however long of this stunning location.


Feature: Baan Puri – Luxury Villas & Homes

Set in Lipa Noi Koh Samui, Thailand, one of the most desirable and beautiful residential areas on the island Baan Puri is a truly exceptional villa. The stone wall and heavy wooden gates give a hint of the style and quality that awaits you inside this tropical oasis. Everything about this property exudes luxury and excellence; and a more spacious, well designed layout would be very hard to find. Continue reading