Samui Phangan Magazine October November 2019

Welcome to the October November edition number 88 of the Samui Phangan Real Estate Magazine. It’s been one of those amazing tropical rainy mornings on Koh Samui. Arriving at the office I’d missed the earlier deluge and watched from my desk as the skies opened. Half an hour of typical torrential rain then Samui showed us her better side and within another half an hour everything was dry and the sun was shining. With only a few scattered sand mounds on the road the wet evidence was swiftly disappearing in the suns warmth. It’s one of those things I just love about Samui, no matter how hard the storm, once it has stopped it doesn’t take long for the blue sky to put everything right again. Now the air was fresh and invigorating, it was a good start to a beautiful tropical day on Koh Samui.

This edition in our “Developer in View” we take a closer look at Villa 55 in the Bophut Hills, this stunning very modern villa has 5 bedrooms and although offering amazing Hollywood views it is only a few minutes away from all the vibrant life in Bophut Fisherman’s Village and the islands attractions. Here with the incredible photography of Anne Sophie we get to see the best sides of one of Samui’s most beautiful Villas. Our "Legal Buzz" section this issue looks at "Resale Transactions", and issues for buyers who acquire a re-sale property from a private seller in Koh Samui. In our "Outdoor Living" we get some advice on how simple and fun a pit BBQ can be in your garden, then our "Architects Talk" looks at The History of Thai Architecture. And it’s not finished by a long way but now it’s up to you to turn some pages and explore the magic of Samui.

Enjoy Life, Enjoy Samui
Crispin JG Paton-Smith

Island Home: Sleep, Perchance To Dream

You are going to spend a lot of time in the bedroom whether sleeping or relaxing so comfort comes before all else. That requires one thing, a comfortable bed, meaning mattress. If you are starting from scratch and on a budget spend 60% of your budget on your bed, after all, it will be the centerpiece of your bedroom and where you will spend most of your time. Continue reading