Samui Phangan Magazine April - May 2017

It’s all about Quality of Life.

Looking out now at the glorious weather and the crystal blue shimmer of the sunlight on the ocean it seems hard to remember the rain and flooding that we all had to bear only a short while ago. I was then thinking of how bad it got in our home towns. UK and Europe hit by snow storms this year and freezing weather. A friend from Canada was saying they had temperatures of minus 30° celsius. So, I thought I would put a positive list together of points towards increasing your quality of life in Thailand, especially in Samui. I won’t say that any place in the world is perfect. There are always certain changes and compromises we must make to create a better situation for ourselves.

But here are some of the benefits, sun and fresh air. Do I really need to explain this?!

Amazing food! There’s a world of difference between a fruit that grows on a tree and is picked hours before you eat it, and a fruit that is picked too early, shipped over long distances and sold to you for ridiculous money. In Thailand, you can eat delicious, cheap, quality, tree-ripened fruits and vegetables, and avoid genetically-engineered foods, hotwater treated mangoes and tasteless, imported produce.

Less stress, you can reduce stress radically by relocating here at least part of the year. Samui, where the pace of living is slower, more relaxed and where people value real friendship and relaxation over the constant desire to work, work and consume.

New Culture, you can find interest and growth by living together with a different culture and become enriched by it.

Save money, living a life in the tropics is still a much better bargain than freezing in an expensive European home. You could wake up in the morning, listen to tropical birds singing outside from your window, go pick your own fruits or buy inexpensive, super fresh produce at the local market. You could swim in pristine, turquoise waters, feel the breeze and the sun nourish your body, and yet live in close distance to all the modern amenities you’re used to.

On Samui you will not miss out on anything except the cold. You can walk at night in the neighbourhood and feel safe, Thailand is still a very safe place to be. In Samui, you can hire a local person for less than Euro 200 per month to work in your house several hours a day, to prepare all your healthy meals and take care of all your household chores and leave you time to enjoy life. So, if you’re here already I’m preaching to the converted but those of you enjoying your time here maybe it’s something to think about. I did 24 years ago and have never looked back.

Loving Thailand Loving Life.


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