Samui Phangan Magazine April May 2020

Welcome to the April May 91st Edition of the Samui Phangan Real Estate Magazine. A beautiful clear blue sky this morning as I look up from my desk, one of those perfect days to look up through the coconut palms and watch the wisps of white clouds disappearing against the stunning blue background. Its early March as I write this and news whether national or international is all about the Corona Virus and traveling. Personally, I’m finding the news very frustrating, everyday something seems to change and reports of infections around the world are either scare mongering or worse telling the truth. What is fake news and what is really going on, sadly I don’t know and its more than infuriating searching for sincerity. Just read an article where it claims pets in China in certain areas are being disposed of to stop the virus being transmitted from animal to human although the World Health Organisation is saying there is no proof this transmission exists. Even had images of pets wearing masks which I find approaching ridiculous. Koh Samui seems to be doing better than many other tourist areas of Thailand as the Chinese were not flooding the island as extreme as they had been in Pattaya for example. Koh Samui I still find amazing how it manages to soldier on and come out shining even against some of the most difficult of situations. Samui is and will always be a special island for us all.

So, in this magazine we have the latest up to date Corona information and advice. Once this is published some time will have passed and I sincerely advise everyone to reconfirm anything important. We take a closer look at our beautiful Real Estate on the islands and our Developer in View this edition is Villa 55 on Bophut Hills. Our Legal Buzz team have kindly given us some important information that should be considered if you’re thinking of leasing a property, and we have part two of our renovation and insulation feature. But it’s not finished by a long way but now it’s up to you to turn some pages and explore the magic of Samui.

Crispin JG Paton-Smith

Island Home: Walk In Style

How to make your villa stand out
First impressions matter, so the saying goes. The moment you enter someone’s house your first impression tells you whether or not you are going to like it. What hits you first? Is it the size of the room or the furniture? Perhaps the colour scheme or the how light the room is. There are many things that can influence your decision.
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Property Design: Loft Style

Loft is a name usually meaning the room area under the roof or of an abandoned factory or another industrial building converted into a dwelling. Loft is an American term, which originated in factory buildings, warehouses and workshops. The idea of using of such abandoned factories as living and working quarters appeared in the manufacturing district of Manhattan. Continue reading